Fingers & Faces

Last Thursday we were assigned a project in which we were to create a series of blind contour drawings then, using stencil paper, create stencils using our drawings. Next we were to  use those stencils to create two drawings (a loose term here). I decided to go with acrylic paint (black) and create almost a “print” like effect for the first one.

IMAG0428 (1)

When i decided that i wanted to upload it to this (Amazing) blog i first wanted to crop and contrast-asize (an art term) the image to make it pop, like corn. I did my photo magic and a strange thing happened, the image became so crisp and beautiful, but simultaneously lost almost all of its information, leaving me with a highly pixelated MS Paint like image. Click on the image, ZOOOM in and check it out!


The second one is still just in the beginning phases, but it should be done by this Friday! 


3 thoughts on “Fingers & Faces

  1. Suzanne says:

    At first glance this piece is confusing and jumbled for me. As I took some time with it, the patterns and symmetry begin to show. This would be an interesting tablecloth with the border hanging over the edge of the table.
    And I begin to wonder what this piece would become if a splash of color or something that disturbed the symmetry were added.
    Nice piece. I enjoyed considering it.


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