Alas, Thar Be Peeps!

Here you can see the wild Peep in it’s natural habitat. what many scientist find quite remarkable about this fascinating creature is that, unlike other similar species, the wild peep has the inexplicable ability to coexist with Peeps of another color or flavor, so to speak. as you can clearly see in figure 1.1 the king Peep is expressing its dominance through its’ display of nobility which can be seen by the slight crooked angle at which it positions it’s head, and the perfect round shape to its eyes that seem to gaze off to oblivion. In fig. 1.2 one can observe the Peep in its natural grazing formation where one can see the clear separation of Peep based on familial ranking and social standing. The elder Peeps stand guard, protecting their young from the inevitable fate that lies ahead of these poor innocent creatures. Many have speculated as to why the Peeps still fight for their way of life, when the “Humans”  will not rest until the wild peeps way of life is destroyed, but that is a question that will likely be left unanswered for many more years to come.

May their fluffy sugar coated lord show mercy on their souls.






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