C0; Diet Coke

C0; Diet Coke is an exploration into the way products are sold. Through the use of neon this piece illuminates soda cans and bottles to cast light on this over marketed and multi billion dollar industry.  whether or not you like it, these products are an integral part of every day life. Taking this comment even further, the vending machine is located in the living room of a house and is completely unavoidable to the inhabitants.

While discussing this work my classmates took note of the “candy like colors” which reminded them of childhood. The use of a vending machine also brought up nostalgic memories for some them of  their childhoods. While the cut out shapes in the cans went over well, some were left wondering if the bottles really worked well with the cans or if they were out of place. They also wondered about the specific choices of beverages and if they did or could have more/additional meaning. Someone else brought up the price of the drinks, at a quarter there is hardly any capitalism going on here at all. What does that say about the work? Lastly they commented on the location of the machine and wondered how a change of venue may alter the piece.



One thought on “C0; Diet Coke

  1. susan yitzhak says:

    I’m not quite clear on what the request of your professor was. However, from what I can surmise, you intended to convey the centrality of the vending machine in our lives by making it a focal point in the living room, a place in which we discover much about the person(s) living there. I like the diversity of drink and the play of neon. It is recreating the drinks into a more 21st-century look. However, the balance of the drinks and how they are positioned is off. And the “25 cents” conflicts with the contemporary look of the neon. I concur with the classmate that said that is an oxymoron to have a drink for 25 cents unless this was meant to be a vintage piece.


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