Ode to a wild cactus lamp.

For my final research/ exploration project in glass and light I chose to explore cactus lamps. Traditionally a solitary creature, I was interested in the many ways the cactus lamp can talk about value, cliche, re purposing, mass production, nature, and humor. Through my exploration into neon and the art/industrial sides of the medium I have become increasingly interested in the value of neon. Mass produced neon items, such as cactus’s flood the neon market at relatively low price points  that offer little insight into the effort and skill required to produce these objects. Neon is such an incredibly natural art form, other than the fact that you need gas extraction equipment to harvest these gasses, expensive flame working equipment to bend mass produced glass tubes, and complicated electrical equipment to bombard and fill these tubes. Cactus’s are natural too, right? What do these two natures say about each other? I dont really know, but its interesting isn’t it? By installing these “natural” forms in the mass produced lamp bases of the Salvation Army I have created a juxtaposition between these two worlds while still maintaining the unsettling feeling of machine made industrial non natural lamps. Lastly I chose to display these lamps in their natural habitat, the desert. It seemed only fitting to return them to their home to live out the rest of their short cactus lives together. Is the neon cactus a great prolific statement about the state of man in the world around him, or is it simply an attempt to domesticate a piece of nature in ones living room?


C0; Diet Coke

C0; Diet Coke is an exploration into the way products are sold. Through the use of neon this piece illuminates soda cans and bottles to cast light on this over marketed and multi billion dollar industry.  whether or not you like it, these products are an integral part of every day life. Taking this comment even further, the vending machine is located in the living room of a house and is completely unavoidable to the inhabitants.

While discussing this work my classmates took note of the “candy like colors” which reminded them of childhood. The use of a vending machine also brought up nostalgic memories for some them of  their childhoods. While the cut out shapes in the cans went over well, some were left wondering if the bottles really worked well with the cans or if they were out of place. They also wondered about the specific choices of beverages and if they did or could have more/additional meaning. Someone else brought up the price of the drinks, at a quarter there is hardly any capitalism going on here at all. What does that say about the work? Lastly they commented on the location of the machine and wondered how a change of venue may alter the piece.



Lets Bake a Yummy Cake



This episode of Kielz kichten is brought to you by the letter “gelatin.” Please purchase their product. Subscribe if you like the cooking show things, and tell your friends. Facebook is also a thing, so do that. The more views this great instructional video gets the more of a big head we will get; thus meaning more awesome shows for your viewing face.

please also enjoy our cast photo from the after party. You can see us all enjoying a yummy slice of yummy cake!20160228-IMG_3235.jpg




Mistakes Were Made, Art Resulted

You may remember this image, It was posted some time ago to this very information transmission station. It was of a simple yet humble Mallow Peep.

The King Peep


Today my loving parents purchase Adobe Photoshop CC for me. Before I went to be i could not help but mess around with it just a bit. After seeing a button that i could not quite understand I clicked and ART HAPPENED… All by itself! Thanks Adobe, and enjoy.

how could this happen_


The Great Dead Puddin’ Adventure

There are no words that could ever describe the atmosphere in the room during is moments event; But ill try. It all began when we found a loaf of bread on top of our cabinets in the kitchen. It was the least expensive bread money could buy, and had been sitting there since the end of October. Kyle wanted bread pudding. After inspecting the bread he found there to be no mold and determined it to be consumable. Only then did we realize bread was the only of many ingredients that we would need that we actually had. The following video depicts the true events that followed.

After watching, for only the small contribution of $12.43 you can help khylz kishin afford the necessary ingredients to create an actual bread puddin’.

“Hashtag giving Thursday”

Watch, be happy, eat more puddin’.


The Amazing Chop-A-Majigger

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The greatest shave in my life.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that this was it, the greatest shave in my life. what i will tell you is that it was definitely not the worst. Today I purchased a circa 1930’s Rolls Razor. Essentially it is a metal case that depending on which side is opened first, exposes a single blade to either a sharpening stone, or a honing strap. there is then a mechanism that through a simple motion sharpens, then hones the blade. Then the blade is attached to a handle and you shave with it. I can still remember the best shave I ever had. It was in the bathroom of my childhood home, I must have been 5 or 6, and I was using a disposable razor with the blades removed. I would have to call this my best shave because while it is the first shave i can recollect, it is also the first shave I can recall not butchering my face in the process.

This brings us to today’s shave. After sharpening then honing the expertly crafted reusable single edge blade I removed it from the contraption and attached it to the handle. I rinsed and lathered, then began to shave. Again, this was definitely not the best shave, not close, but boy was it an experience. The blade probably could have used a bit more sharpening, and it did tug as I pulled it across my face, and I nearly gave up ever time I brought that blade to the top of my cheeks near my eyes. After one with and one against, because I like to be so close you could never know there was hair there to begin, I had a face as smooth as the day I got it. Most importantly, I do not have a single nick, scratch, or dent, which is more than i can say about many other shaving options.

Overall, I would recommend this razor to a friend. It certainly did not kill me, it cost less than any competitors disposable anythings, and I got the opportunity to get to know my face in a way that I had previously thought impossible. I believe that in life anything worth doing is worth doing right. While I cant say weather or not this was right, I am quite sure it was not wrong. I challenge you all out there to find yourselves something that is slightly odd, and slightly sharp, and to rub it around on you face just to see what will happen. You only live once and is this honestly the riskiest thing you can do? I think not. Give it a try.


Alas, Thar Be Peeps!

Here you can see the wild Peep in it’s natural habitat. what many scientist find quite remarkable about this fascinating creature is that, unlike other similar species, the wild peep has the inexplicable ability to coexist with Peeps of another color or flavor, so to speak. as you can clearly see in figure 1.1 the king Peep is expressing its dominance through its’ display of nobility which can be seen by the slight crooked angle at which it positions it’s head, and the perfect round shape to its eyes that seem to gaze off to oblivion. In fig. 1.2 one can observe the Peep in its natural grazing formation where one can see the clear separation of Peep based on familial ranking and social standing. The elder Peeps stand guard, protecting their young from the inevitable fate that lies ahead of these poor innocent creatures. Many have speculated as to why the Peeps still fight for their way of life, when the “Humans”  will not rest until the wild peeps way of life is destroyed, but that is a question that will likely be left unanswered for many more years to come.

May their fluffy sugar coated lord show mercy on their souls.






The Great Boat Adventure; A Thrilling Conclusion.

And so it came to happen that the great day of hot dogs “rolled” around and still permission had not been granted to allow for the existence of a boat.

On the eve of Hot Dog Day weekend the great conclusion to our great tale came to be, but before that, I present to you the briefest (non incriminating) summary of The Great Boat Adventure that money can buy.

It came to happen that there was a boat. The bout was rigged out with equipment for steering and braking. The boat was taken to a safety test. Testing staff (who were unprofessional and unhelpful) fail said boat without proper inspection or chance to run said prescribed safety “Challenge”. Boat team argued about occurrence at safety test.

Now that we are caught up on the details up to our last conversation (so to speak), I present to you, THE GREAT BOAT CONCLUSION and debriefing.

After sending an email to the Dean of Engineering the Great Boat Team ventured off to have a conversation with the faculty advisor of the Pine Hill Derby. At this meeting the Faculty member (whose name is being left out as to avoid any further complications) behaved extremely unprofessional, leaving the Boat Team feeling a bit off put about the entire situation. During this conversation however, the boat team requested that they be able to display their creation safely in a secure and agreed upon location during the event, and were told that the faculty member would need to get back to them on that matter. After several days without hearing from this faculty member a selection of Boat Team Members approached the faculty member to ask if a decision had been made. The faculty member responded that the boat could not be displayed because if a student where to see it they would immediately ride it down the hill, injuring (Or killing) everyone!

Two days after their last conversation with the Faculty Member one of the Boat Team Members stepped outside to take a call and like in every sitcom ever made, he saw the boat drive by on the back of a flatbed tow truck.

It is the consensus of the first ever Alfred University Boat Team that the events that ensued where unavoidable and that the University had confiscated their boat in order to “reverse engineer it” as to be able to mass produce boats with the ability to be driven on land and in see.

As a final note for the record, because throughout the appeal process The Boat Team was never given the opportunity to face their accuser and explain their intentions, I present to you, The loyal reader, The intentions of THE GREAT BOAT ADVENTURE!

First and foremost it is our intention to have fun while remaining safe and enhancing our learning experience. We intended to create a project that remain wholly within the boundaries set forth by the assignment, while exposing possible places where corrections may need to be made in order to keep others safe in the future. We intended to safely assemble our vehicle in a way that it could be carefully operated without the risk of injury to ourselves or others. we intended to drive our boat down pine hill only with the blessing of Alfred University Staff and Administration and at a speed so slow that a tortoise could beat us down. And we intended to create a project, that through it sheer absurdity, could bring a smile to the face of anyone that encountered it.

Thank you to everyone who was able to help us to get to where we are today, and sorry none of you where ever able to see it “race”

(In order of appearance)

Lady at pep boys who told us they do not sell wiring harnesses for my car, and that trailer world might

Man at trailer world who wired up my car

Man in rochester who sold us a boat

Man at boneyard who sold us parts for our boat, many many times.

Our friends at Lowes who sold us safety equipment to protect our brains

Tractor Supply Co. who supplied us with steel.

The Fab Shop (an art thing) that allowed us to use their eqipment when the STEP Lab (an engineering thing) would not.

Tinkertown Hardware that sold us cables to actuate our breaks.

everyone who said we could do it, and “Call me befor you do it, I would love to see a boat go down a hill”

To all those discouraged by their universities stealing their boats, I offer to you this advice.

Boat are cheap, get another, do it again, they have got to give up some day.