The greatest shave in my life.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that this was it, the greatest shave in my life. what i will tell you is that it was definitely not the worst. Today I purchased a circa 1930’s Rolls Razor. Essentially it is a metal case that depending on which side is opened first, exposes a single blade to either a sharpening stone, or a honing strap. there is then a mechanism that through a simple motion sharpens, then hones the blade. Then the blade is attached to a handle and you shave with it. I can still remember the best shave I ever had. It was in the bathroom of my childhood home, I must have been 5 or 6, and I was using a disposable razor with the blades removed. I would have to call this my best shave because while it is the first shave i can recollect, it is also the first shave I can recall not butchering my face in the process.

This brings us to today’s shave. After sharpening then honing the expertly crafted reusable single edge blade I removed it from the contraption and attached it to the handle. I rinsed and lathered, then began to shave. Again, this was definitely not the best shave, not close, but boy was it an experience. The blade probably could have used a bit more sharpening, and it did tug as I pulled it across my face, and I nearly gave up ever time I brought that blade to the top of my cheeks near my eyes. After one with and one against, because I like to be so close you could never know there was hair there to begin, I had a face as smooth as the day I got it. Most importantly, I do not have a single nick, scratch, or dent, which is more than i can say about many other shaving options.

Overall, I would recommend this razor to a friend. It certainly did not kill me, it cost less than any competitors disposable anythings, and I got the opportunity to get to know my face in a way that I had previously thought impossible. I believe that in life anything worth doing is worth doing right. While I cant say weather or not this was right, I am quite sure it was not wrong. I challenge you all out there to find yourselves something that is slightly odd, and slightly sharp, and to rub it around on you face just to see what will happen. You only live once and is this honestly the riskiest thing you can do? I think not. Give it a try.


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