The Great Dead Puddin’ Adventure

There are no words that could ever describe the atmosphere in the room during is moments event; But ill try. It all began when we found a loaf of bread on top of our cabinets in the kitchen. It was the least expensive bread money could buy, and had been sitting there since the end of October. Kyle wanted bread pudding. After inspecting the bread he found there to be no mold and determined it to be consumable. Only then did we realize bread was the only of many ingredients that we would need that we actually had. The following video depicts the true events that followed.

After watching, for only the small contribution of $12.43 you can help khylz kishin afford the necessary ingredients to create an actual bread puddin’.

“Hashtag giving Thursday”

Watch, be happy, eat more puddin’.


3 thoughts on “The Great Dead Puddin’ Adventure

  1. Love this video! I hope you post it on youtube!!! You could have a Hillel House cooking show!

    On another note, do you have a Gas can on top of your microwave? If so, please take it off.

    Happy Hanukkah to you and the gang!

    Please send me your parents address so we can nail them a card.

    Take care!

    Patty Silberstein



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