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Homework: Blog/ DISPLAY

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For this assignment each group of two was assigned a word (gray) and sent off to SUNY Alfred in order to collect some information;

A story,

An Image,

An object,

An Interaction,

And A Space.

For a story we chose to write about a girl we found in the library (left, second down) who is interested in animation. She told us about how her ideas and designs begin as graphite on papers (HEY, That’s gray). As for an image, we chose to go with a roof with some exhaust pipes (top left) due to its beautiful monochromatic contour and wonderfully grey back lit sky. For an object we chose to document a Jeep we found in Alfred State’s lot (bottom right), which had two flat tires. For an interaction, or lack there of,  we chose to take a picture of a girl on the Alfred State (bottom left), who was sitting alone on a cement wall while sitting on her cell phone. Lastly for a space we chose to photograph a grill in a alcove (right third one down) which looks as if it had not been used in a very long time. We chose to include some additional images that we felt embodied the word gray, and helped to demonstrate its grayness (sorry if that is not a word). For our display We plan to create a binder with 8.5″x11″ printed images in page protectors.

See my partners post HERE!


4 thoughts on “Homework: Blog/ DISPLAY

  1. Noah, your blog is looking great. So glad to see your level of involvement with it!
    Consider creating a special page or categorization for the Studio:Research class so that we can easily find your work and give you credit. Right now it’s a little much to navigate.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks for the comment Erin,
    For the studio Research projects i have been titling them with the prefix, “Homework:”. If you scroll to the top of the page and select the search button, then type in Homework, they should all pop up for you!

    Hope this helps


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