The Triangle To My Heart. (Not a reference)

This is the second of the two stencil drawing that we did for the Drawing X section of Freshman Foundations. Again, I blacked the blacks, and whited the whites.

Copy of IMAG0429


4 thoughts on “The Triangle To My Heart. (Not a reference)

  1. Well, that’s a good question! Apparently signing your work on the front is an outdated method. In the modern era (claims some art people) art should be signed on the back! My guess is so that your work rides on its own merits, rather than those of your name.


  2. Bert,

    Another great question! You seem to be mistaken as not all models need to be “Sexy French models”. That being said, the model in this image was more of a “sexless triangular shape”. If you are looking for something more “sexy” might i recommend taking a figure drawing class?


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