Type Writer, Telephone, Man With Car, Police, Boy With Feet.

Here we have a prime example of the interpretive video sequence in which we can see a series of short clips assembled to convey a message. In this video we see some fingers typing which can represent the hustle and bustle of modern society, which is then further enforced by the depiction of a “modern” metropolis. Next we see a vat of molten metal which represents societies fast paced and “hot” daily life. After that we see a man making a phone call to a man with a face giving some sort of speech about the need to protect or children and their way of life. Next we see a frantic man running from his home and taking some sort of adventurous trip. Later on we see the Man In Car noticing a hot dog stand, and the rest is history. If you are still reading at this point, kudos to you! Leave a comment analyzing the video bellow, it FUN (not really).



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