A love letter to…

CoLab students (that’s me) where instructed to chose a place or a notion that is or represents Alfred.

I selected our local friendly family Wal-Mart.

I decided that i loved Wal-Mart because if provides many services that are vital to my survival as a collage student. It clothes me, feeds me, entertains me, and loves me. To express my love for the Wal-Mart I decided to create a series of post cards that documented the may services the Wal-Mart provides, as well as inscribe them with letters of admiration to again convey my respect, need, and love of the Wal-Mart. Originally I had created two sets of these postcards with the intention of mailing one and keeping the other, but i never built up the courage to tell the Wal-Mart or my feelings, and I am not sure I ever will.

Below is a picture of the front and back of each of the postcards created to express my love of the Wal-Mart. Click on it to enlarge the image!



2 thoughts on “A love letter to…

  1. Interesting project Noah, but isn’t finished! Imagine how strange and wonderful to receive one of these cards at the WalMart mail room. Awesome right? Send a couple … or make a schedule and send them out over the course of the next two weeks every other day. Imagine what kind of expectation would develop with those who receive the mail. This idea is not complete until you turn it around full circle. It deserves that!


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