Moving Up In The World! (not literally)

Today I have some  “SUPER AWESOME” pieces of news for all of my trusty viewers. First off, I am moving up in the world; I invested a great deal of time and money in upgrading this lame o’ll site. Before ya’ll had to type in that obnoxious and long “HTTP://WWW.NoahHeymman.wordpress.com”, but now because i care about you i have SHORTENED IT to a measly “NoahHeyman.com”. (Very exciting)

Additionally, I am attempting to increase traffic to and from my site, (more to and less from). This realization means something for both me (the computer), and you (the HUMAN). For me (computer) I now need to make more posts to keep ya’ll entertained, and youze (PEOPLE) need to share some links, recommend me to your friends, and plaster my face all over social media!!!

Hopefully if this relationship works out for the both of us (or all of us) we can try to take it to the next step, like dinner, or some Jiffy POP. Until then share my (new) link, have a laugh, and know somewhere out there I am drinking Cool-Aid and thinking of you.


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