Homework: The Communication “Number 136”

It’s here!

For our final assignment in the “STUDIO: the line” class we where instructed to take all of our research from the line, as well as all of the knowledge obtained from previous pieces and create a single culminating installation that embodies The LINE, what we know about it, how we feel about it, and how we think about it.

First pictures, then explanation!

Noah Heyman

“Number 136”

Mixed media

IMG_0749IMG_0752 IMG_0751 IMG_0750

For my installation, I decided to stick with my TINY glass vials (3 dram ea.) and collect MORE TINY objects from the line. i ended up with 174 vials, all of which where corked, sealed, and numbered (1 through 175). I Then created a form for each vial that contained the vial number, and the contents of it, with the instructions to draw and then describe the contents. Additionally I laid a linoleum floor to add to the feeling of a laboratory. Once all of the forms are completed I plan to punch holes in them and create a catalog of other peoples perspective on my perspective on the line. Additionally I plan to cover the vials with a sheet of Plexiglas and add hooks so it can be hung on a wall later in its life.

Curious about whats in those vials? well, due to high resolution, CLICK THE PICTURES TO ZOOM, and read bellow for the complete list!

(Vials are left to right)

  • Snow
  • Creek water
  • Puddle water
  • Moss
  • Moss
  • Long leaf
  • Egg shaped leaf
  • Several small leaves
  • Small africa shaped piece of slate
  • Triangular piece of slate
  • Medium sized pebble
  • Rounded pebble
  • Long pointy rock
  • Dark dried leaf
  • Fiber
  • Pointy plant matter
  • Crumpled tan leaf
  • Long spotted leaf
  • Small red lead
  • Long skinny red leaf
  • Brown with green poking out
  • Prickly brown stick
  • Red Prickly mulch
  • Thin stick
  • Thin stick
  • Thicker stick
  • Fuzzy stick
  • Very thin stick
  • Similarly thin stick
  • Short stick
  • Light brown bark
  • Long bark shaving
  • Light tan piece of wood
  • Small flake of plant life
  • Orange peel
  • Banana peel
  • Pod with three seeds
  • Three seeds
  • Red plant matter
  • 1/4 acorn
  • 1/2 acorn hat
  • Broken snail shell
  • Artificially yellow feather
  • Artificially green feather
  • Green fibers with wood shavings
  • Blue yarn
  • Black yarn
  • White yarn
  • Natural string with knot
  • Small burgundy ball of fibers
  • “Lemo Heal & FRIENDS”
  • “Wonka Nerds”
  • Shiny blue pink and white scrap
  • Blue Tootsie roll wrapper
  • Yellow Tootsie roll wrapper
  • Yellow Starburst wrapper
  • HALLS wrapper
  • Dark brown wax paper
  • Crumpled gold foil
  • Reeses cup foil
  • Reeses wrapper
  • Laffy Taffy
  • M&M Ice cream wrapper
  • “Dum Dums”
  • “‘S”
  • Blue metallic plastic
  • Blue and white plastic
  • Yogurt lid
  • “Strawberry”
  • Tan and brown plastic
  • “Nutrition facts”
  • “Duck Sauce”
  • “Protein chewy bar”
  • “protein”
  • Cigar wrapper top
  • Cigar wrapper
  • Gold foil
  • Tax Seal
  • White cigarillo mouthpiece
  • Black cigarillo mouthpiece
  • Blue cigarette
  • White cigarette
  • White cigarette
  • White cigarette
  • White cigarette
  • Tan cigarette
  • Dark tan cigarette
  • Dark tan cigarette
  • Cigarette filter
  • Losing lottery scratch ticket
  • Receipt
  • Mailing address
  • Mailing label
  • “Helping hands” sticker
  • Princess duck tape
  • Superman duck tape
  • Blue painters tape
  • Packing tape
  • Zipper
  • Green zipper bag
  • Rusty bottle cap
  • Red soda tab
  • Piece of old soda can
  • Silver soda tab
  • Silver foil
  • Silver foil
  • Silver foil
  • Stride gum wrapper
  • Trident gum wrapper
  • Tan gum
  • Green gum
  • Blue gum
  • Green ball of foil
  • Dark blue ball of foil
  • Light blue ball of foil
  • Small light blue piece of foil
  • Dark blue gum wrapper
  • Piece of metal can
  • Aquamarine blue plastic
  • Half of fork head
  • Plastic knife
  • Paper stick
  • Paper scraps
  • Triangular foam thing
  • Translucent plastic scraps
  • Part of plastic cup
  • Reflective honeycomb material
  • Reflective material
  • Broken mirror pieces
  • Small aluminum nail
  • Longer steel nail
  • Dirty silver foil
  • Dirty brown glass
  • Small brown glass shard
  • Small green glass
  • Small blue glass
  • Larger blue glass
  • Blue ribon
  • Blue hair pick teeth
  • Black piece of plastic
  • Slice of tire
  • Black coated wire
  • White coated wire
  • red coated wire
  • Red wire coating
  • Red sprinkle
  • Orange sprinkle
  • Yellow sprinkle
  • Green sprinkle
  • Pink sprinkle
  • White sprinkle
  • Piece of tared rock
  • Sarpie ink
  • Liquid pen ink
  • pen ink cartridge
  • Pen part
  • Pen part
  • White straw with red stripe
  • Red straw
  • Red ceramic thing
  • Piece of coffee cup
  • Piece of foam cup
  • Mint wrapper
  • News paper
  • Dirty paper towel
  • “What do lawyers where to court?”
  • “Lawsuits”
  • Wood toothpick
  • Wood toothpick
  • Red pointed rod
  • Red hearted rod
  • Pink plastic with knot
  • Half of plastic lid
  • Small hard thing

Title explanation: If you have have read this far you have won the title explanation! When stamping the vials with their numbers my helpers and I (chris and bert) missed a number and only realized once we got to the end and hit 175 instead of 174. After going back and checking them all i found that i was missing #136, and a title was born!


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