Foundations Art

Homework: The Proposal

For “The Proposal” we where all instructed to think of three ideas for final projects. We then sat down individually with our instructors to discuss how we planed on completing the assignments and where we were going to go next. See “Homework: The Proposal”

For my proposal I decided i wanted to stick with my vials of trash and tings from the line and expand on it. So, first i decided i should make a whole bunch more, 114 more to be exact (total of 174). Then I decided to make a box of some sort to put them in. Next i thought to myself; What the heck is being done with these vials of trash and things? Well my friend, they are being studied!

Stay tuned for more info! (enjoy some progress pictures BELOWWWWW!




5 thoughts on “Homework: The Proposal

  1. Dan Heyman says:

    very exciting stuff…….but how are you going to get that Pringles can into one of those viles?
    Wait a minute… that what the honey’s for?


  2. Susan Yitzhak says:

    Foundation year I put onyx,mother-of-pearl and water in my vials and wore it. Do you think you’ll wear yours or is it just for display? Is what you are saying is that trash is precious or unique? Why does it need to be studied?


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