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For our personal territory tour we where instructed to chose a location within a ten minute walk of the Cohen studio. Next we had to explore our new found location, and create a self guided tour kit that would allow some one else to experience our location as well. The full assignment can be found HERE. Information in quotes is text taken directly form the exploration kit i created for my site.

For my location I chose a rock in the middle of a creek that runs behind the Cohen studios and is under a cozy green bridge. (see picture)


“My space extends over the Surface Area of my rock. My space actually extends a Little Further, But i hate to split hairs. My space extends up to Your belly button. Please try to stay Within my space (You may need to crouch a bit).”

In order to explore my space i undertook several activities:

in order to find my spot i started my walking out of the Cohen studio and int the creek (i love creeks). i walked along it until i found the perfect spot. Next I stepped out of the creek and onto my rock and observed how the water off the bottom of my boot puddled and formed a wonderful boot print!


Next i decided to see what the water looked like, so i decided to dive in head first (took my shirt off to keep it dry). As it turns out, the water was wet! I additionally discoverer that hair gel, when it gets wet, reconstitutes and will begin to drip down your face!

IMG_8954 IMG_8960

Next i decided to examine the make up of the rock. It seems to contain alot of quarts, but not being a rock expert i feal i missed out on a lot of valuable information from this observation.

IMG_8955 IMG_8956

Lastly i began to explore the things around my rock and found some spectacular dried leaves, so i snapped a picture, and maybe even ate a few, but my secretes are my secrets and yours are yours. 🙂


In order to develop the tour for my space I first explained how to get to my space:

“To find MY place, begin at the Cohen Center. Head away from Main Street & towards Canacadea Creek. Once you reach the creek, walk up stream until you hit a Green Bridge. Beneath the bridge, in the middle of the creek, is a rock. This is MY ROCK.”

Next i thought about the different information that i found interesting and created a task list of things that i would like someone else to experience.

“While you are in my space please complete the following:

  1. Put on you Gloves.
  2. Grab your Tube.
    1. Please Fill it with Dry Leaves.
  3. Whip out your Bottle.
    1. Fill it with “Cricky” water.
  4. Select One rock. (no larger than a Baseball, and no smaller than an Egg.)
  5. Find your Note Book. Using the include pen, Record the following:
    1. Whack my rock, What do you hear?
    2. Sketch my rock.
    3. Smell my rock.
    4. Ask it for its Name.
  6. A few Optional observations include:
    1. Taste my rock.
    2. Have a Conversation with my rock.
    3. Befriend my rock.
    4. Love my rock.
  7. Record any additional Notes about my rock now.”

Attached is some information about my tour kit! (Refer back to the activities list for information on what everything does).

“Kit Contents.

One- “Heyman Enterprizes LLC. ‘Noah’s Rock Exploration Kit’” Carrying case.

One- Sample collection Tube.

One- Sample collection Bottle.

One- Pen.

One- Exploration Notebook.

Two- Disposable nitrile gloves.

One- Directions card.

One- location Description card.

One- Activity card.

Four- Location identification images.

Four- Activity Descripyion cards

One- Contents/warranty Note”

IMG_8965IMG_8966  IMG_8968

Included in my kit is a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean while you are working. There is also a “tube” and bottle for collecting samples as well as a note book to take notes in. There are also cards with information on locating my spot as well as the activities to be done while there. There are also a few images in order to assist in locating my space as well as offer a few suggestion for activities to do while there.

Thank You for purchasing a Heyman Enterprizes LLC. “Noah’s Rock Exploration Kit”. Satisfaction is our number ONE priority at Heyman Enterprises LLC. If for Reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Please simply Burn it for a full Refund.”


7 thoughts on “Homework: PERSONAL TERRITORY TOUR

  1. Noah, this was an excellent project. It’s funny, thoughtful, and stays in ‘character’ in a way that encourages the audience to follow your rules and trust that it is leading somewhere. Overall the posts and your writing about it works great, too. I would be more careful about your spelling, tho. Take time to do a little spell check before pressing that publish button. Some of the image pairings are just great (the one with just your forehead and hair paired with the one where you are putting your head in the stream)… keep looking for these connections. When you have a solo image, maybe make it a little bigger so we can see detail!

    Excellent work. Keep going!


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