Today, on a completely and undoubtedly unrelated subject, Kyle and I volunteered at the Scio Memorial Library. Our task was to clean and prepare the library for a guest speaker is going to present on the history of Scio NY. Most of our work was vacuuming, cleaning windows, and moving furniture. The work wasn’t to hard, and the weather was fine so i enjoyed hanging on a ladder all day scrubbing windows that had most likely never been cleaned. While we where working one of the librarians offered us a box of old encyclopedias which Kyle jumped at. Later on after more scrubbing I was offered a sewing machine. it seemed simple from the table and i had little time to inspect it so i said yes and took it home! When we got back to my dorm Kyle and I opened it up and got a nice little surprise. It was a 1955 Singer sewing machine! We immediately plugged it in and to our surprise and amazement the light lit up, and it runs like the day it was made! Right now i would love to clean it up a little more, grease it ups, and refinish the wood! Attached is a picture for your viewing pleasure! Stay tuned for “Homework: PERSONAL TERRITORY TOUR”



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