The Great Boat Disapointment.

Many havent asked things like; “What are you doing with that boat?”, and “Whats all this about a boat?”, and “Dont you have anything better to do than blabber about a freeeking boat?” Well for none of you curious little jidder bugs out there, I present to you, The Story of the GREAT BOAT DISAPOINTMENT!

The story began long ago when the tale of a project where you are required to stupidely assemble a vehicle and hurle it down a hill, a very scary hill. After little though a member of out cozy little group recomended useing a bout and adding wheels. Meaning a rowboat, we interpreted it to mean a 16 ft motorboat with a 115HP motor on it. after much procrastination and alot of planning we settled on a design whose complexity and enginuity is beyond any pesons ability to explain. After a long Week of hard work we pulled it off, a fully drivable boat that could turn stop.

Testing day came, and after a few finishing touches she was ready tor her mayden voyage. So it happened that we, The Alfred university boat team, A subcidiary of Acquisition Incorporated,  dragged our bout up the the testing facility to comence scientific examiniation of our briliant design. Upon our arival it turned out that the tesing would take place on a hill ending in a small clif, and that all of the distances for the agility testing had been severely reduced. At first sight the student judges decided that although the boat did not tecnically break any of the stated rules and regulations, they fely it was “Not safe” and that “If you think otherwise you need to be… (He got cut off at this point by someone else, but was preforming the steryotypical crazy hand gesture)”.

At that point, disapointed, we turned away and left. Since earlier today when the testing occured I have had time to think about what has happened today and have come to several conclusions. First, that although Alfred’s Enginering program designed this project to presumabely inspire young minds to think outside the box and take a leap of faith and create something briliant that can change the way people thing in the future. We also learned that allowing students to write and enfore the rulles of a project that envolves an extended amount of work, effort, and expense is likely an idea that can only end in disaster.

As you may be able to image we are a bit upset about this disision to “No Boat” and plan on fighting this ruthles decision at all costs.

Updates to come.


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