Measurements of value

Today in CoLab we where each given an envelope containing five activities. We where to chose two of the activities and do one independently and one in a group of two-ish.

The first activity I chose to do was “Measurements of value” (see description below)


For this assignment I decided to work with Madi. I made this decision by standing up and asking the class, “who wants to do the price tag thing” and she said yes, so we exchanged numbers and met up later on. We chose to work in Scholes Library and here is what we came up with. We ended up making the room feel almost like an estate sale or similar, and left the price tags up for others to shop.

IMG_0992 IMG_0993 IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0996 IMG_0997 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1000 IMG_1001 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004 IMG_1006 IMG_1007 IMG_1010


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