HOMEWORK: Exploring the Line

For this assignment we were instructed to go out to the line and find a way to explore it more (for more info on the line see previous posts). We had to select four means of exploring the line in a deeper way, and then chose one of them to really explore even deeper.

For my four explorations i chose to first look at the area through a smaller field of view. I did this through the use of a macro lens. Some example are shown bellow, and the rest can be found HERE!


Next I decides to examine the different trash that could be found along different parts of the line. Again, I did this through my camera, but maybe unfortunately and maybe not, I wan unable to find much to take photos of, so this file will be a little slim. Again, more images can be found HERE!

IMG_9640 IMG_9659 IMG_9668 IMG_9713

Next I decided to explore the line by using found objects to make a series of 30 second sculptures. This is what i got.IMG_9634 IMG_9642 IMG_9650 IMG_9670

Lastly I decided to explore the different trees found along the LINE and explore how the types and ages of trees change as the line progresses. For a whole lot more pictures of trees click here!

IMG_9639 IMG_9672

IMG_9673 IMG_9683

IMG_9685 IMG_9690

IMG_9700 IMG_9702 IMG_9710 IMG_9712


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